Bright World

by Erik Lindo

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time has come again to open the jar of sweet cosmic honey. some songs were scrapped, some things came to their natural end. we`re still sitting here with our hands full of love


released October 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Erik Lindo Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: NYC 1970
Let`s not talk about business
while our strange secluded connection
takes place under the reddening sky
yeah, I`ll try to keep it clean

Let`s not speak of waste
while i dive into your assorted collections
of things that shine of green
and colours never seen

you`ve gotta learn to starve
your blinding expectations
that creep inside your dreams
and distract your way of living

If you were to take a walk
through the everlasting streets
of far out desert twilight
just call out my name

fractal friends are easy made
but its time to say goodbye
woke up with tears in my eyes
and when i went to bed it was dark outside

theres no lock on my door
and my friends sleep on my floor
but when i close my eyes in silence
i see a morning shining bright of promise
Track Name: We Stood Before His Crucifix
When they put your voice down
into this tired earth
Just now that i`ll be playing
on these strings I never learnt
Track Name: In A World Where Kindness Vibrates To A Drum
with daylight always dying
theres no telling days apart
yeah, I see your lifeless motions
theres no telling them apart
I lost my lust when the stars came up
I won’t bathe myself in moonlight

In a world where kindness vibrates to a drum
In a world where kindness vibrates to a drum
In a world where kindness vibrates to a drum
In a world where kindness vibrates to a drum

Oceanic rhythms paint my dreams
waking up in hellish fever
but we`ll turn them into love when,
we promise that we`ll never

I`ll gladly follow
I`m glad to go