Burning Love

by Erik Lindo

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use my hands and take pleasure in this rock n roll miracle


released May 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Erik Lindo Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: I Quit
i was a regular missionary
spread my nothing like whatever
caught speeding
but i was walking so slow
in front of faces i`ll always bow down
just to see if they`ll accept it
think you caught me drinking, but all i did was stare

i quit
Track Name: Burning Love
i was asleep when you spat me out
along with all the other people you don`t seem to care much about now
we find it strange
so there i was surrounded by strangers
and everytime i opened my mouth to speak
they found it strange

i see the lights that shine on this city
i`ve been thinkin bout it lately why don`t someone turn em off

i was fuzzed out thinking it was my fault
thinking i was elvis, thinking i was wrong
one day starting from tomorrow
i`ll pack up my guitar and get over this sorrow
Track Name: The Island Says Goodbye
coming down from heaven and i feel allright
yeah i feel and steady
got my eyes fixed on a crucifix
yeah i feel allright and ready
with my two hands i`ll make em understand
they killed my rock n roll baby
love will paint my morning and with my shoes untied
my soul is rested and ready

life moves slow when i drive it
yeah, love will get me high
life moves slow when i drive it
the island says goodbye

my love was born in a seasick caravan
that moves from city to city
i was born and then i died
got tired of waking up tired
feeling kinda nauseous but i don`t feel sick
no i don`t feel sick at all
yeah and we`re still doing fine
in the thick of it
Track Name: Born To See The Light
i was born to see the light
but you covered my eyes, now it`s always night

it`s hard to resist when you talk in the dark
been walkin alone since forever
looks like we`ll make it on home

i was born to see the light
but you covered my eyes, now it`s always night

strangers say nothing when you strut your stuff
been keeping an eye on em since forever
i think we`ll make it allright

workin pretty hard just to get this far
but we fall in the same old gutter
it`s allright
Track Name: Rev Wilson
from down here yeah i smell the grass
lying dead on the ground with my broken hands
i was a clown following everywhere
said we`ll see how it goes when i`m there

i was the reason
now we`re sittin here broke and chained
when i write my will i`ll add one thing
please throw my ass in the sea

when the sunlight gets in my eyes
i`ll put live/dead hoping i`ll be safe inside
i went up like a rocket
came full force down like a brick
i`ll be the last one standing on this sinking ship

on two feet baby it`s hard to walk
with my face turned down i kiss the dirt when i talk
i sweat in the sun i died at sea
said i`ll see ya when we meet

i can`t stand it
you`re so hard to please
i can`t stand it
they say it`s easy to breathe
Track Name: Love Will Get Me High
cold when they hang dry
shoulda washed my clothes
cold when we get up real high
dying in the mountainside
up on gravity hill, yeah it`s allright
just to feel the breeze
took some time away
just to check out the scene

cold, and the way i see it
i`ll never come around
when i`m old and i`m bleeding
i`ll just die underground
wouldn`t believe what i just saw
killing em with chainsaws
forgive your son
said he`ll fill em with filler
Track Name: Plans That Fell Through
feel it as you walk, the taste
remembering big dumb hills
they`re green and suffering
speaking of blood, it`s coming out of my skull
yeah, it`s taime to say goodbye
feel it when you see it
with your dumb green eyes
went for a swim in the ocean, never came back the same

yeah, i won`t see them as they shine down on us
and yeah, i won`t see them as they come down

retirement can`t come soon enough
we`re not going away
i shaved my head for christ
man i hope he`s happy
i see it as i see it
and i do as i do
Track Name: Tried Like Hell
yeah i tried like hell and i felt it
creep through my spine and my eyes lit up
just like the people on the street
i was waiting
coming down slow and easy
with my back turned on some burning house
coulda died, but he crawled out
yeah he`s allright

yeah i tried like hell

yeah, the traffic lights talk to me
fell asleep and in my dreams
the heavens hold me company
and when they go to sleep
i`ll be on the floor in prayer
it was strange to be here
strange to meet them
yeah, i`m off
Track Name: Wild Boys
hard on when i die
see them with the lights on throwing up
yeah, they`ll cave in takin their medicine
wondering when they dried up
i pity the child of love with his arms stretched out
wanting to greet the world
he couldn`t walk faster so he kissed the slave master
wanting to meet the world

i see it as i see it
and i do as i do
when your head has fallen off
it`s just another plan that fell through
i see it as i see
and i do as i do