Celebration People

by Erik Lindo

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Lindo does it again!

All songs written by Erik Lindo.

Additional guitar on "Levitation Man" and "Immortal Belly" by Kjetil Hansen Rynning. Lindo plays the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baglama, the bass guitar, the fuzz war, oud, the 12 string electric, the b3, shakers, the farfisa, the elephant bell, the vox continental, dulcimer, synthesizer, juju, maracas, claves, tambourine, melodica, homemade noise oscillator, hand drums, sleigh bells, xylophone, drums, piano, the accordion, the tambura and whistles.


released March 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Erik Lindo Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: See The World As One
Confirmation says I’ve changed
And why go home when you could be staying anywhere
Thrown through space just to end up here today
Everybody moves, so why won`t you see things my way?

I could be standing still, but everybody says I won`t
Yeah, you could see it too, so why don’t you?

There`s an abundance of everything, for anyone to share
Go down and talk to the man by the river, so you could see for yourself
Thrown through space just to end up here today
Everything dies so why can`t you see things my way

You could be standing still, but everybody knows you wont
Yeah, you could have visions of beauty too
You could be standing still, but everybody says you wont
Yeah, you could see it too, so why don’t you

We could be strangers
I could be wheelin` through time on my own
We could be strangers
But I want you to see
Track Name: High Pristess
Dreams molded with railway clay
Well, have you seen me as I am now?
Moving between borders
Unknown to anyone

Wide and lonely spaces
Mystic figure take me home
Dream of all that you can`t carry
Dream of all the things to be

High priestess, you`re all I see
I pray you go away
High priestess, you`re in my sleep
I don’t find relief in this

Saw the sun grow tired
Saw the fruit hang high
Drifting into your inner world
Where something sacred hides

How I love your beauty
Yeah, you walk so tall
The sunlight spits down at our hands
And we`re born again

Roses sleep with uncut leaves
Time has made us strange
Yeah, you`re perfectly fine for someone so divine
We could just sit here and wait

A temple sits between us
The heavens just hang around
And instead of asking the living
We`re just bringing life
Track Name: Sweets Of Sin
Is your pain for anyone else to read
Yeah, they’ll shoot you down in their own quiet way
Yeah, for anyone else it`d be plain to see
And if you`d you shoot them down, would trouble disappear

Yeah, I don’t come around for anyone else
It`s there for all to see

Oh I know, it`s distant
Oh I know, you`ll plant a seed
Oh I know, the day will darken
As we fall into the sea

Waiting for the space age, as we build tiny monuments
Mystic sleeper, hard to read
Some days I fall into, some days I just get off
Yeah, but the wheel of resistance, keeps turning like a clock

Yeah I don’t see how anyone else could ever disagree

Yeah I hope you’re almost certain
there’s a peace worth fighting for
Oh I know, it`s distant
To be alive is such a bore

Oh I know, it`s distant
Oh I know, you`ll plant a seed
Oh I know, the day will darken
As we fall into the sea
Track Name: Midnight, Rejoice!
Stone faced cavalry comes marching through the streets
Left my ticket at home, I was stranded in disbelief
Dispossession of ideals, I couldn`t tell you where I was going
Couldn`t point to a purpose, or the speed of my feet
Body in a disarray, said how do you fell, I feel it all to real
Wasted our morning, wasted our day, tomorrows all night just like yesterday

I know we`ll sleep when we`re in heaven
Days will come round and pass you by
We`ve met the lord that made our winter
We`ll see him leave and say goodnight

A skeletal landscape for anyone to walk
Just a set of ideas, for anyone to watch
Same as the deep blue sea, or a hungry midnight sky
I won`t let you down
The disappearance of heavenly souls, though I see you just the same
I dream of green, a solemn face, open to a runaway
Track Name: Levitation Man
Grow wild with your hair all greasy and long
Yeah, it`s a feeling that hits you just before dawn
Yeah, they could talk of beauty
And they could talk of light
They could be walking straight into the sun
Eyes all blue and bright

Flying over this sick, sick city alone
Could play pretend, but it`s all too real, and you know
Yeah you know I try to
Try to tell the truth
In him there is no mystery
Just give it all away for free

Yeah, say goodbye to the night
Here we only speak of day
Sleep it off with the lights on
When you wake up you`ll be feeling just fine

Head strips you down to the warmth of your heart
Yeah, you`re a skeletal body in a coffin that`s way too small
You could talk of Jesus
Yeah, you could talk about god
Well, I sat on a mountain
And I pissed towards the stars

Come inside where it`s warm
A shelter from the eyes of the world
Yeah, lose track of time
It`s cool just to be around
Track Name: Stephen Rose
There was a time
When everyone stayed up all night
And a screaming light
Came to fill the void in the sky
Drank up our stuff
Went outside to see
The light where there once was night
And everyone grew quiet
Cos It was all too much, and all to bright

Well, Stephen rose and half of his heart
Was filled with indescribable joy
Stephen knew that it would be over all too soon
But after this you can`t go home

In our house
Singing songs of joy
Celebration people
Just like we were before
Spirits rise
Moving through the underground
Moving through the sea
Of everything you`ve gathered and everything you believe

Green eyes
Winter chills the summer child
Swimming in the stratosphere
Lonely coming down from such a height
Track Name: Immortal Belly
Split your time, between the evergreen and wild imagination
Eyes wide open, easy and free just like a child
When your feet touch the ground, yeah you`ll see it all around
Though you just feel tired, yeah it`s such a disease

Waking up in the ether, such a lonely trip
Dreamt the lord was sleeping, down by a river in his mind
Muddy banks dirty his robes, but with his eyes closed he can`t see
Sing for all, sing for the silver that you walk on when you weep

Spent some time in the desert, and the sand banks were calling my name
Had a vision of my parents house, all up in flames
All I can offer is some peace of mind, from the constant distractions and the going blind
But you can wear it just like you want
Track Name: Just The Same
Kids swimming in the deep end
Though there’s no reason to pretend we`re anything but fine
Even in the stillness of our morning
Or in the dead of night
When accidents speak true and I hold them up to you
As if trying to prove a point
Well, signs don’t mean anything, and I can’t cast a spell
To keep us safe from harm

I grow older just the same, as anyone with heart and brain
I grit my teeth and shuffle my feet in slow surrender
I grow old just the same, as anyone with feet and brain
I get up and shuffle my feet in slow surrender

Dreams born from wild belief
As you settle in your skin
Animals rise, and they all look so proud
As you listen to my voice
A body worth exploring
as we drift towards the dawn
Yeah, there`s a realness in forever
And that`s a weakness I’ve been taught

Circling slow high over our playground
Circling slow, but they can`t touch the earth
Track Name: Venus On The Moon
Swam across an ocean in a dream
Wasn`t moving my arms and legs, kept them perfectly still
Like a bird under water, or the midnight sky above
Why go home when you could go into the light

Saw an ancient spaceship, screaming across the sky
Just like everybody else, moving through the night
Could be on their way to where they ought to be
Why go home when you could see through the light

And I’ll drink with anyone that pays
And I’ll sleep with my clothes on if I please
The universe is pretty far away from where you are
but the wheel of resistance, yeah it keeps us from falling off