Hummingbird Sleep

by Erik Lindo

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born from christ and the powers of rock n roll.

All words and sounds by Lindo.


released June 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Erik Lindo Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: Church Of Blood And Kindness
With god as my shield
Dressed in drag and make believe
I`m ready to love everything at once
My lover is an ancient one
And I have just begun
My eyes can see for ever
I`ve just come back from where I was

We`re just kids on a playground
Growing tired as we go
Waiting to be called upon
To do whatever
I`ll play the fool if someone needs it
I`ll be Christ if that`s alright
Threw up during cosmic celebration
Cos I’ve been blessed a hundred times

Curse the waters
That brought me here today
Though there’s a comfort in knowing we`re the same
Curse the waters that brought us here today
But there`s a comfort in knowing we`re the same
Track Name: The Atlas
Dream in the dark
With everyone stoned
It`s so cold here every night
And every day
Same old blues
Same old sky
Yeah, I think my halo has grown a size to small
Can we start again?
Most other days
I`m not here
My head got lost exploring
Eyes stuck in a never-ending stare
Playing with rocks
Breathing fire
Stepped into a strange ritual
They were reading sacred rites

Well if I had a chance, I`d be you
Yeah, If I had the choice, I`d have you
And the whole world too

Jump into the ocean
Piss on our past lives
Losing all color, breed underground
Well, how could anyone feel unwanted?
Deviant heart
In a 96 ride
I`ve got an unused prescription
If I get yours, I’ll give you mine
In a never changing town
Crowned a king, now they’re bored
I guess they`ll never see the light
Big wheel takes us through the night
Humming on a placeholder rhythm
You`ll find yours and I’ll find mine in time
Track Name: Earth Moves Round
For a while they said
I`ll give you mine and you`ll be saved
But I have seen a beach on fire
I`ve heard the cities distant cries
Well just in time for the night
I`m pulling up my blinds to see what`s right
Hear a train in the distance
Hear the people passing by

Oh, how they move from side to side
With their insincere eyes
I`m just a stranger passing by
I know insanity lies

Well, what a strange gift you are
Light of my day, and the ugliest one
Well, I`ll just sit here if that`s alright
You`ve got your words, and I`ve got mine
Till every name has been spat on
And every fire burnt to the ground
I`ll hear a song out in the distance
Hear the people passing by

They all turn green from what they hide
With their insincere eyes
I`m just a stranger passing by
I`ve got insanity eyes

The world moves round your name
I`ll trade my every move just to hear you say
Yeah, the city`s on fire
But we`ll be staying here till the end of time
Track Name: The Map
You were breathing heavy skies
And you know I`ve seen them too
There`s a priestess in my deck of cards
Yeah, we`ll ride it till the end
And have you ever called upon the morning star
In sacred celebration?
Well, who closed the oceans off
And painted them in blue?

Towering over the moon
Never been this high up
In a place of your own
Something to call your own
Sleep in desolation on coffee stained sheets
While the world takes a turn inside your head
Mapping out the streets, the planets and the trees
Yeah, there`s fun to be had still

Swim in sound and color, walk in perfect order
I`ve come to love your name
Hanging by my feet, I`ll paint the world in mercury
I`ll paint the world in blue
You`re younger than I’ve ever been before
Overflowing everybody’s eyes with mercy
Well, if ever the day should go, taking the night away
I`ve come to see the everlasting light
Track Name: Hummingbird Sleep
Looking for green eyes, hovering through heights
On a flight with a pair of lucky ones
Our loved is mirrored in the cities wild cries
While all the people in their houses lie sleepless
The end of every revelation
Words dribble down, or are swallowed
Came on a godless neck
Drank her words with every breath
Riding to the rhythm of the honey bee

My Man

Singing in a field so bright, the currents draw you to the light
Though there`s no one here to hear you but yourself
The godhead says his only prayer, sees the devil everywhere
Mining for the words to bring us heaven
Track Name: Springtime Halo
There’s a cross on my hurricane machine
Filled my heart with song
Slept out in an open field
When I couldn`t find release
What you can`t find in close confederation
I`ll take as I see fit
Run on a circuit of acid wash sleep
And I execute it in my dreams

Yet I can’t see the empress
And her man – The king of swords
As they fly over the city
While I am busy throwing up

Well, I can`t find the time to be as godsent as you are
I`m stuck inside an echo
And I`m slowly growing dumb

Heads collide as lovers
Under the ever-seeing eye
There’s a time for total freedom
Don’t let it ever be denied
Godless intoxication starts when morning light arrives
Our heads put a scratch in the pavement
And our tongues dry up when we talk

Well, I can`t ask for anyone to see me through your eyes
There’s a light in ancient freedom
You should hold your candles high
Track Name: Animals
I`ve come back to where my heart belongs
I was sleeping
When I should have been around

There’s so much to come back from
So, I’ll dream my time away
So much to come back to
So, I`ll sleep
But the next time around

I`ll be dead
I`ll be here
Track Name: The Drag
The Godhead was made for everyone
The Godhead sings for just you
The goddess was made for everyone
The goddess breaks down just for you
Our colors go cold, though there`s a lightness to your feathers
And as your fever turns you senseless
There`s a kindness to be reckoned with
When your strings touch gold
The day is always hiding
Behind a fever dream, hummingbird sleep
We`ll be staying up for hours

Well, I wouldn`t be bothered by strangers
Wouldn`t be bothered by light
Wouldn`t be bothered by

The godhead was made for everyone
The godhead sings just for you
The goddess was made for everyone
The goddess says the prayer just for you
Oh, my sweet light won`t you shine just for an hour
Oh, my sweet light won`t you shine just for a second
Sang a song for everyone, hands locked in prayer
And every hour is filled with realness
But we were born just to forget
Track Name: Now (Is As Good A Time As Any)
Astral living while the streets are on fire
Saw the whole world die
Inside living, where all you have is time
The end comes as no surprise
What else to do but cry?
Yeah, what else to do but cry?

Everybody strutting past the priest and his shrine
Forgot their prayers and goodbyes
And everything has its time
So, I’ll be the lucky one to go
What else to do but cry?
Yeah, what else to do but cry?

Godless children call in sick
Just to lie in bed with serpent eyes
Caught in the tide of light and morning
Wasted hours free my hands

Tiny fires exploding with hate
Looks like there`s a chance for us to be saved
The dust was glowing so I had a sniff
But it’s not medicine we need
What else to do but cry?
Yeah, what else to do but cry?

Godless children call in sick
Just to lie in bed with serpent eyes
Caught in the tide of light and morning
Now is a good a time as any
Track Name: Hills Of Gold
Rings just like a bell
Head was beating too
Hang from the eaves
Ready to fall off
Sleeps like a babe
Crowded street with empathy
You`re just a spirit heading home

The sun is always there
A message from the lord
I`d like to paint your name in gold
Open me up
Sweetness please come home
I`ll be as light as I can be