Hurricane Machine

by Erik Lindo

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thanks to gram parsons and the everlasting power of love. all sounds, effects and words by erik lindo


released November 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Erik Lindo Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: Giving Colors To The Sea
I had the lord on my side
And you were standing in my light
Yeah, I was looking out for mirrors
Tryin to catch up

Flower in hand
Dropped my cards
I was a fool to play at any cost
In this kinda light
Coming down slow, but not easy

We`re giving colors to the sea

Hey, my hurricane machine
You provide the perfect company
When I crash headfirst into beauty
And find myself so weak and frail

Yeah, I`m practicing a ritual
We`ll use your blood and my creation
Yeah, we`ll be drawing our conclusions
But wake up clueless just like children
Track Name: 100 Years Of Reason
saw the blueprint of this winter
our love is at the mercy of a fuse
yeah we slaughter the lamb and take refugee
yeah we used to hide in the treetops

now we only stay at home

living everyday like a saint
i take pride in my despair
and what it takes to be alive
is more than I could ever give

the first thing we did after coming down was drink
forgiveness has been hard
but i don’t have the time to wait for
so i stand there at your altar
with a switchblade and a ring

and all i saw was fog
and in the fog there were faces
and in their faces there were eyes
like lanterns lighting up the night
i kissed my cross and said goodnight

we`re living inbetween
and I just can`t concentrate on faith
Track Name: Hurricane Machine
i can`t wait for the sun to rise
i can`t wait to shiver and shake when the day starts
i can`t wait to get away from their everlasting hangover
with all their talk you think they oughta know
i heard some mystic sound
coming from my speakers
the world was new and then i knew
all people have a purpose
Track Name: Medicine Man
Yeah I wonder how they came to be
Miners of the sun
Theres a road that stretches way ahead of us
Ripples on our surface
But we stand there talking like fools
This is the greatest day
And we waste it
Yeah don’t think about the stuff that’s In your head
When youre lying there all alone
We`re peacefully out in space
I think you know

Medicine man
With your wings of everything
Medicine man
I think you’ve had to much to drink

I cant be here any day
But I think about you every day
When we`re at peace
Theres nothing else
My thoughts were incarcerated
Yeah it stuck to me like a name
Hanging from the family tree
There`s still much to be done