Marshalltown, Iowa /​/​/ Herbs /​/​/ The Rabbit​-​Ish Man /​/​/ Eagles In The Eyes Of Love

by Erik Lindo

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wowee, spring is almost here. following up the Band Of Love ep with some songs for the month of march. also featuring a hit from the west coast renegade Tom Ulver. thanks to hank snow for making winter seem so short. hey there stoner kid, try these folk rock songs on for size


released March 1, 2016

All music, lyrics, production, and instruments by Erik Lindo.

Note "The Rabbit-Ish Man" is a cover of the song originally written by Tom Vigebo for his second solo album "The Other August". Arrangement by Erik Lindo.


tags: folk Oslo


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Erik Lindo Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: Marshalltown, Iowa
There were smokes to be smoked
Drinks to be drunk
So i got drunk
Just like we both woulda wanted

In this neighborhood of dirt
Where spring comes way to late
And the kids on the corner cry
Cause they`ve never seen the light

But man I saw the light
It was nice and good and golden
Just like some second coming
Of Christ Almighty good and kind

Some might call this pushing my luck
But who cares when I won`t remember
Yeah, deliver my soul

School`s been out since forever
Now there`s no more summer to hide behind
Yeah, my old tricks seem kinda dumb
Cause they`ve been done and overdone

Some might call this pushing my luck
But who cares when they won`t remember
Yeah, deliver my soul to
Track Name: The Rabbit-Ish Man
All day
I've been sleeping all day

And when I awake, I wake up drunk
Wishing I weren't existing
How could I still be breathing

Cause I've been angry all day

He's a ghost of what I once knew
When he talks I won't listen
When he breathes there's a whistle
Track Name: Eagles In The Eyes Of Love
I`d like to see you die
In the corners of the morning
When the birds come out to sing
So I can rest my tired eyes

The laked dried up when we went near it
I fell asleep on dirt
Noise from city living found it`s way into our place

Across the street there`s a theatre
And I saw the actors standing on the outside sharing smokes
Nervous `bout tomorrow

We`re eagles in the eyes of love
And I feel it in my sleep
Thought the race was done
But there`s one thing left unfinished