Stoned Moon

by Erik Lindo

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all sounds, voice and words by Erik Lindo .
drums on "Stoned Moon", "It`s Not The Moon (It`s The Mission)", "Spanish Rider" and "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" by Magnus Young Karlsen.


released December 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Erik Lindo Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: Stoned Moon
stoned moon hangs up above
visions so sweet they cut through your cloth
but who am I to help you pass the time
when I can`t see anything

half open window left their bodies to rot
so high they must be losing touch
accidents cling to the kids from venus
I think they`ve had enough

little lilac so sweet and fine
the last thing you saw before you went through that door
a little ghost that talked just like the kid
you knew when you grew up

riverbank swimmer, you`re bound to get shot
our graves were desecrated
but who am I to walk in your shadow
when I can`t love anyone?

it`s a little hard to follow and a little hard to hear
but we`ve lived through times just like these before
walked through halls with ceilings so high
yeah I doubt they ever did anything

cowards bend their knees when they spend everyday like jesus
it`s so hard to be
rose tinted eyballs and dressed in white
but why they come around I never know

stood under the moon, yeah it shined so bright
woke up on the other side of town
visions were swarming so I gave them away
and that’s all that I`ll ever let them be

I walk fast just to keep myself in the light
yeah I drink even faster
where am I when you can`t fall asleep
yeah, we suffer from our own damnation

in a dream I saw the earth as a cradle
that rocks us steady to sleep
i saw the moons of Saturn and shooting stars
yeah, we`re coming home

I`d like to ride with you forever
Track Name: Spanish Rider
spanish rider falls apart when he goes riding into nothing
spanish rider yeah it breaks my heart to see you lose your mind

in just a little minute i`ll be on my way to work
and the sun will burst open, your spirit die in the
unforgiving ocean

spanish rider ease my pain with songs you learned when you were growing up
spanish rider don`t forget the joy of being born
yeah I know where i`m heading
it was written long ago
deep space rhythms paint my soul complete

spanish rider the plasticity of souls will soon reveal itself to you
spanish rider I know it`s nothing worth fighting over
yeah the drunks will die as they shiver inside
but you and i`ll go on

yeah the time has come for everyone
Track Name: In Painted Chambers
does it rain inside your head
do you still take your skateboard out for a ride
when it snows
in the wintertime
and the day fades into blues and grays
i woke up
there were strangers standing in my room
and I fell asleep again
just a consequence of time I guess

slim rider talks so sweet
but make it happen and make us see
you talk so proud and I know you mean it

i will find a way
to make this our own
build us a home
while love lies there sleeping

i will follow through
with our plans for tomorrow
yeah, our love is asleep
in painted chambers

grace, beauty and kindness are
wasted on the young
and the old
i guess that means everyone

days are long when you
let them pass you by
i once wasted a morning
yeah, I waved it goodbye

mother spirit spoke
and I cried
mother spirit spoke
yeah, I cried like hell

still runs the river
that takes you through your day
you were singing song of love and joy
don’t forget them

i will see us through
even when day breaks
even when love ends
yeah, there`s room for us all
Track Name: Empire Of Night
some people drive all night
well I just woke up from a dream
i was distracted
couldn’t sleep through the noise from the outside
brand new feathers, you hold them up
and your old ones were torn apart a couple a weeks ago
it was terrible

you think it`s not new to me
well you`ll just to have to wait and see
you think it`s not new to me
you`ll have to open your head up and see

Empire of night

little floral enemy, cosmetic urgency
i`m pretty sure we have all the time we need, but let`s not waste it
some came running, hand full of mysteries
little bird, singing some song as the rising sun pisses in our faces
i don`t mind the extacy
i don’t mind the days stretching into weeks
but I miss the days of unending

you think it`s new to me
but how could anything ever be
yeah, the light goes off as we go quietly to sleep
you think it`s new to me
but how could anything ever be
you`ll have to take a look inside yourself to see

empire of night
Track Name: Wheelin Through Time
out in the desert, running wild
the sun has got me praying to the lord for life
lotus eater, once full of life
but you smile and brush it of just like a child
it’s a bummer, it’s a drag
to think about the stuff that we never had
it’s a bummer, yeah it’s a drag
to think about the stuff we never had
tiny building, heavy shapes
they`ve got a look on their face that says it wants to escape
little alien plants his feet on the ground
says he`s gonna take a look around
some songs surrender, some people drown
but either way we`ll see this one through down the line
my heart was heavy, my knees got weak
yeah I couldn’t even open my mouth to speak

wheelin through time

out in the country, running free
life could be so easy and so could we
out in the country, running free
life could be so easy and so could we
this is a sentence, this is the time
you`ll be forced to lose your mind
here comes another, unwind
you`ll just have to have yourself a good time
days were ending, we fell away
but soon you´ll see it all in a different light
we fell out of time, into whatever
that sings and drones as we walk around

wheelin through time

a little light for everyone, but not enough for anyone
talk to yourself, because you cant find anyone else
a little light for everyone, but not enough for anyone
talk to yourself, if you cant find anyone else
goodnight to the new world administration
goodnight to all the soldiers I hope It was pleasing
maps were colored, you are blind
i hope your score is as heavy as the passing of time
my head was loaded, full of radio and television static
yeah, television crucified my only hope
and to people like us that`s no joke